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The Trouble With Toads (The Secret Stepsister Society, #1)

The Trouble With Toads - Danyelle Leafty

Who hasn’t wanted to change their sister into a toad? Well Bettony didn’t mean too. All she wanted to do was change her entire appearance so she was no longer an ugly stepsister. She wanted to be beautiful so she could sing for the king because no one wants someone who is ugly to sing to them. The adventure begins with Bettony going to see her estranged grandmother who just so happens to be a witch and ask her to help her be beautiful. Once she gets her grandmother to agree to make the potion she goes home to become beautiful but everything takes a turn for the worse when her sister Cadmilla accidentally drinks one of the potions and turns into a Toad. Now Bettony has to scramble to get her changed back before their mom finds out but things just keep getting worse. She has to visit an old witch to get the family magic back and could the fairy godmother in the mirror really not be who she seems? This is a great story I really thought Bettony was a cute character she is trying so hard to be better than Desire (her stepsister) and prove she's just as awesome but in truth she is trying to be something she is not. Bettony has too much pride and feels everyone is judging her. She refuses to ask for help and believes she just can't do what we the readers know she can do. Really enjoyed this story. My only issue was how abruptly it ended. I am really excited to read the next one but I was actually surprised with how it ended. This is a great story and I plan on reading the next one and I have no doubt that I will be reading more books from Danyelle Leafty. I loved her writing and she is a really great storyteller. Great story, completely original and totally worth the read.