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Sweet Thing

Sweet Thing - Renée Carlino I was asked to give an honest review.I honestly loved it. I wasn’t sure about it when I was first asked because I read contemporary romance, but not a lot. Reading the synopsis I thought it was a cute story.Holy crap this story flipped me all around and by the time I was finished reading I was emotionally drained. I was on the verge of tears and didn’t think I could ever read another book again LOL.It was like first they were, then they didn’t, then I wanted to smack her, then I wanted to tell him to stop being so nice, then it almost happened, then it didn’t, then he was gone, then she was acting like a bitch, then it was ok, then I thought it was over, then the bathtub (where the hell did that come from) then they didn’t, then they almost, then it was like WHAT, then it seemed like forever and I wanted to smack her again, then etc.………See why I was screaming just typing that was making me exhausted again :)Mia was such a great character I really adored her. Having just lost her father she moves to New York to take over his apartment and café to try find herself an figure out what she wants in life. At times I want to shake her silly and smack her around – but I really liked her.Will Ryan was a handsome, funny, very kind hearted and WAY to understanding of a man. At times he seems unbelievable. I really felt bad for him how Mia was treating him hence the smacking and shaking of her. He broke my heart a few times but I loved his determination and how he kept fighting for her even when she pushed him away. Also didn’t hurt that he was a sexy musician with an amazing voice.Will and Mia had amazing sexual tension. I got butterflies in my stomach when they almost would kiss. When they would fight it really broke my heart. I really wanted everything to work out for them. The other characters in the book were awesome I loved reading about them and also seeing their reactions to what was going on with Will and Mia.I really enjoyed the story. I admire authors who can make you feel when reading a book. I laughed, cried, screamed and felt the loss along with each character in the book. It was written so well. I can honestly say I can’t wait to read more from Renee Carlino she is a fantastic writer!!Totally recommend this book. It really pulls at your heartstrings and you will totally fall in love with Will and Mia’s story. A really great read. Loved It.