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Portrait of A Dead Guy

Portrait of a Dead Guy: A Cherry Tucker Mystery - Larissa Reinhart The cover of this book is great. The name of the book cracks me up and after reading the book makes me laugh even harder. I absolutely love the fonts for this cover too I think that’s the graphic designer in me :)The character of Cherry Tucker is fantastic. I absolutely love her. The entire cast is written so well. I loved how when something would happen it was like a game of telephone, by the time it got back to Cherry it was nothing like what really happened. This made it hilarious as she tried to explain what really happed but no one would listen to her or really cared they pretty much liked their version better. The chemistry she had with the handsome Luke was just enough to make me love him. I can just picture how handsome he is. **sigh** Todd wasn’t to bad either I think he is a complete sweet potato :) (that’s me channeling my inner southern lingo or watching to much of the movie Shag)This is just an amazing read by the time you find out who did it I was like WHAT!!! LOVED this book. Such a great story I really enjoyed reading about Cherry and her entire family and the town of Halo. They are a hoot to read about.Since this is a mystery book and I really never reviewed one of these we can assume that I really can’t say too much since I don’t want to give anything away. I want you to be able to enjoy the book as much as I did with all the twist and turns, shifty characters and totally craziness that it had.But I will say BEST. FUNERAL. EVER. I snort laughed and actually read it three times. After writing this I might have to read it again. Hilarious. I had to stop reading so I could stop crying LOL. SNORT LAUGH!!!!From the Grandfather, her siblings, Her 5 minute husband Todd, Shawna, the entire Branson clan, Crazy ass goat and of course the dead guy this is a great book to sit back and enjoy, you will not be disappointed. Since this is a series I can’t wait to jump back in and hang out with everyone from Halo, Georgia again. Larissa Reinhart is a wonderful mystery writer that tells an amazing story and I cannot wait to read more from her. Can I officially say one of my favorite humorous mystery writers? I think I can :)I can’t recommend this book enough to you. I really think this is a series that could become one of my favorites.