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Paranormal Properties

Paranormal Properties - Tracy Lane It follows Jake Weir as he helps his parents who host a TV show called Paranormal Properties. While he is helping his parents he befriend a ghost named Frank Barrone a lounge singer that was murdered in the 50's. Together Jake and Frank with the help of Jakes friend Tank try to gather information to find out who murdered Frank. The search for Franks killer leads them to meet a cast of colorful characters and a very fun adventure. With the help of Frank, Jake is also trying to help his parents get out of local TV and onto bigger and better things.I loved the name of the show. It reminded me of the show Ghost Hunters (and I LOVE Ghost Hunters) I thinks its what drew me to this book in the beginning. I had seen it on Goodreads and was so excited when I received an email requesting to sign up for the tour. Totally could not pass this up. I was happy to say I wasn't disappointed. The characters were great. I loved following Jake along in this adventure. Reading about his frustrations in having to help his parents and not having a permanent place to live. He hated having to move around so much so his parents could do the TV Show. He didn't have many friends and the ones he had he always had to leave because he moved to much until his meets Tank a chubby girl who is dealing with a lot of issues of her own (really felt bad for her) and Frank a ghost looking for the person who killed him. Frank is quite a handsome fella and the story about his death is rather interesting. The back story about him was great. I really felt the entire story really keeps your interest. Its very interesting. Its a young adult version of a ghost story murder mystery. I really can see this being a very cute series that I would be happy to continue reading. It's also something I would recommend for my son or nephew to read. I strongly recommend for anyone (adults included) that enjoys the Paranormal and are looking for a fun and completely original story.