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The Alchemist War (Time-Tripping Faradays)

The Alchemist War - John Seven, Craig Phillips I hate writing reviews like this so this is going to be short.Maybe it was just me, I am not saying if you read it you will not like it, but when I started the book I actually thought the book was missing the first 5 chapters like it started in the middle. The terminology was so confusing and I feel like I missed an entire back story. Have you ever told a story to someone and they kind of looked at you like what the hell are you talking about but you understood since you know the whole story. Well this was sort of like the Author knew what was going on and just figured you did too.The characters were just there and the actually story had good potential if it didn't have so many wholes in it. When it came to the end I was like WHAT!!!! It just endedBut please believe me when I say it might be me, maybe Time Travel books just aren’t my thing. Maybe if I read a lot more I would have understood this a lot better.It upsets me when I read something that sounds awesome but just isn’t for me. Why did I give it 2 stars and not 1? because I really feel it wouldn’t be fair since this is my first Time Travel book I have ever read and it could possibly just not be my kind of read.Recommendation? Try it and see. I may just not have connected with the story/characters but you might.