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The Hero's Guide to Storming the Castle

The Hero's Guide to Storming the Castle - Christopher Healy 5/5 Stars ~ if ratings let me I would have given it 6 stars even 10 stars…infinity.This book was just as amazing if not more so than the first one. It was like chatting with friends you haven’t seen in a while catching up on stuff they have been doing since we last talked. Last we left the 4 Prince Charmings they were planning on writing a book about Saving a kingdom because trying to be famous came and went faster then they could blink their eyes.Having pulled one over on the Princes The Bandit King (Deeb Raubers) became very popular by the Bards. Much to the dislike of the Princes many songs were made about them too. I’m sure no one was happy with the song Elle and the four princes. (maybe Elle).This time around the princes are asked to find the Sword that belonged to Liam’s Family by Briar Rose (the unfriendly sleeping beauty...or is she?) only problem is the sword was stolen by the Bandit King and his new home is the witches old castle (new and improved) which is pretty much inaccessible.If only the circus was in town maybe they could come up with a plan to get in the castle and steal the sword without being notice. But what if the circus was the same one that scared the crap out of Frederick with the toothless lion. What a mess that would be. It would be worse if there was a Troll/Giant Fight, a Huge Snake, the Gray Phantom and an Epic battle that causes great chaos and almost kills someone. That would be terrible and make an awesome story.The characters are still amazing, written so well. I couldn’t pick just one prince in the last book but I realized after reading this one Duncan IS HILARIOUS and Totally my favorite….Snort Laugh Hilarious. His entire family is a bunch of crazy people and I LOVED THEM. I want to be part of his family. You meet a few new characters and you learn a lot more about our “Heros.” Plus I think some of romance from the original stories aren't what they seems. I seriously try not to give to much away and this book has so much going on its hard to say to much without ruining and I don't want to ruin it for you.This book was amazing. Added it to my favorites, just a fresh re-telling of a few classic stories and I loved that the story is so original. You never know what to expect. You really come to care about the princes and I have a whole new respect for the “Prince” in fairytales they really don’t get the attention they deserve (considering they do most of the work). Can’t wait to see how this series ends.Do I even have to write if I think you should read this book? I think you know the answer :)