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Embers at Galdrilene

Embers at Galdrilene - A.D. Trosper Books like this are the reason I LOVE to read. I was all in after the first chapter. WOW what a story. So let me tell you about this book without giving to much away (Because this is such an awesome book I want you to discover all the details on your own)......Cover: It's interesting I actually like it. Characters: These are the kind of characters you miss when you are finished reading the book.Book Flow: Not bad. It builds in the beginning then kind of flattens out before it gets to an amazing ending.Story: Keeps your interest, Its an original story.POV: Its a bunch of POV's of all the character."The Foundling is strong. Only great power and a blood connection could pull me here. For you and for the draclet she will bond, I will continue to shield her from the lake while she is still in it." Review:It has been a long time since I found a Fantasy book that I not only loved but seriously could not put down. There are 6 main characters to follow in this book as well as a few secondary that could also be considered main characters as well. The story builds with a world that believes Magic is a curse and Dragons were Evil. Emallaya an Elder Dragon Rider is trying to find the 6 young adults (Foundlings as they are called) that can hear the dragon song before the evil Benduiren can kill them. The Dragon song is something only the Dragon Riders can hear. After she gathers all the "Foundlings" they travel to Galdrilene were each future rider will hatch a dragon egg and become a true Dragon Rider. But the Evil Benduiren are also looking for Shadow Riders to hatch the Black Dragons. The story was amazing, the characters were fantastic, the book was an I couldn't put it down no matter how hard I tried kinda book and when it was over I wanted to cry. Thank the lord its a series!!! I can not wait for the next book. I actually couldn't stop thinking about this book once I was done. I really felt a strong connection with the characters. I gave the book 4 stars but If I loved it so much why only 4? I loved the entire book. I did feel the middle was longer then I would have wanted. I understand the reason for it but I think reading the same thing in a bunch of different points of view was a lot. You do get a LOT of information and the story does build just thought some parts were not necessary. Then you get to the end and are like OMG this is amazing. I also kind of wished you were able to learn more about the Shadow Riders the same way you did the Dragon Riders. Regardless I loved the book. I strongly recommend to anyone looking for a fresh and new story in a fantastic fantasy world. With a touch of Romance. This is truly a great read. It actually makes me want to find more YA Fantasty books to read. I seriously can not wait for the next one!!!!For more visit my blog http://love2readalways.blogspot.com/