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Deer in Headlights

Deer in Headlights - Staci Hart **This review my contain some minor spoilers but the end will never be given away**When I read a series the first thing I have to do is totally love the characters, ALL of them, since in a series the next couple of book might be about them. Now you’re thinking DUH of course otherwise you wouldn’t want to read the book. Exactly my point. I have read a series (I don’t want to say which one) were characters in the book I didn’t connect with, so when the book came out for them I wasn’t interested in reading it. Sort of ruins the entire series. In Deer in headlights I wanted to invite them all over for Sunday Dinner. I LOVED them. They were written amazingly, each has their own back story and she did a great job building each character (flashbacks and all). Have you ever seen Hercules the Legendary Journey the one that use to be on TV? The characters were so witty and quirky. Even thought it was meant to be in ancient times they acted like spoiled brats, fashionista and complete divas. This is exactly how they were written in the book they totally reminded me of the show. Which made me love them more cause I LOVED THAT SHOW!!!!!Aphrodite (Dita) is chosen in a competition to play against Apollo.The Competition is an ongoing game the gods play to win tokens. Each token they win can be exchanged for a favor from the owner of the token. They use a human champion to be their player in the game. Dita picks a young girl who has commitment issues name Lex who is in a “going no place” kind of relationship with Travis and she spends a lot of her time with her friend Kara. Apollo picks a bad boy musician with some issues named Dean who has a tendency to sleep with a lot of girls even his band mate’s girl. The only way Dita can win is if she can get Lex and Dean together. Apollo’s goal is to keep them apart.The story switches between the gods and the morals with lots of flashbacks to give more details on Greek history. Some of the history I wasn’t aware of and it really adds a lot to the story. Ok so I actually had to look a lot of stuff up cause I was like “No that’s not right” but yup it was. Example I had no idea Aphrodite wasn’t Zeus’ daughter. Dita gave a smug grin, a mouthful of bacon in her cheek. “That’s right, bitches.”Dita and Apollo both have emotional background stories and they both have lost someone they really care about. Apollo is hoping to win the competition to get back his true love Daphne who was cursed by Eros (Dita’s Son Cupid) The curse made her fear Apollo only to have her father turn her into a tree to keep them apart. He has been waiting for a chance to beat her so he can have the curse undone and get her father turn her back to normal. Dita is angry at Apollo for killing her love Adonis. (or did he).All of the Greek god characters were great. I loved the humor in it. Ares is a complete ass (but I love me a bad boy and he WAS a bad boy) and Persephone (Perry) is a great BFF for Dita I love the friend connection they have (Also love the back story). They were all like a dysfunctional family you would want to at least hang with often. Or maybe a fly on a wall when they were all together.Dita and Apollo each play a part in how the story for Lex and Dean will go. The chemistry between them (Lex and Dean) is great. I love reading sexual tension, it always sends butterflies in my stomach waiting for that moment that leads up to the first kiss. The other characters in the book especially Kara and Roe they are HILARIOUS. They were great in helping move the relationship along with a little push from Dita. “I was scared shitless – I almost took you to the hospital. Spent half the night googling spontaneous amnesia. It doesn’t exist, by the way”I will say this is for sure an adult book the sex scenes in the book aren’t hardcore or raw but very sensual and intense. I loved the smoothness of it. Well written for this book. I don’t think I would have like as much if it was too hardcore. (seriously, I can’t believe I said that either)I have been trying to find any fault in the book. I’m not even sure if this was a fault sometime I got confused who was talking but a quick look back and it was easy to figure out (could have been just me).I really enjoyed this book. I thought it has a great cast of characters that stick with you for a while (even now I want to read more I miss them) and an original story. I’m not sure if I would call this a fairytale re-telling but it is a re-telling of Greek Myth and I think that is what drew me in to enter to win it. I am soooo very glad I did.I am really rather excited to read the next one in the series. From what I read on her website it’s about Ares. **swoon** I can’t wait.So do I recommend this book. Well yes, I’m surprised your still here reading this and haven’t jumped off my blog to go get it!!!! Totally a must read. A great mix of Contemporary and Paranormal Romance with just the right amount of loving ;) Trust me!!!