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Delilah Dusticle

Delilah Dusticle - A.J. York I was asked to read this book to give an honest review.For a book with only 33 pages it packs quite a lot of heart and is an extremely heartwarming story. It’s about a young woman names Delilah Dusticle who has a way with eradicating dust. She has worked with the Fenchurch-Whitington Family for quite some time and was very fond of them especially their son Charles. One day something happened that made Delilah very sad and heartbroken, she was no longer able to eradicate dust. She was let go of her duties at the house because she caused more dust then eradicated it. My heart broke for Delilah I felt so bad for her and I knew exactly what she was feeling. We all have been through heartbreak. After going through a series of ups and downs Delilah meets a friend who helps her get over her sadness and becomes an eradicator of dust again and is able to turn her life aroundThe message in this book is refreshing and so enlightening. This book would be so wonderful for young girls to read so they can realize that sometimes life can be tough but if you stay true to yourself and a little help from your friends you can overcome anything. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who need an uplifting story when we forget that sometimes we take ourselves for granted and don't realize our full potential.“The ordinary can be extraordinarily overlooked”