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Lash: Broken Angel Book 1 - L G Castillo

Cover: Amazing!!! Its gorgeous. I can't stop looking at it. The guy is so good looking, the perfect lash :)Characters: Very well writtenBook Flow: It's what I like to call climbing story :)Story: Very interesting, very uniqueI thought this book was great!!! Such a unique story. Lets start with the character Lash who is banished from Heaven because he is just a bad boy but with a big heart and did I mention super sexy (when I look at the cover all I can think of is sex...I mean sexy, yes thats it sexy) ;) I loved that he was written as a not so perfect "angel" he still has some major issues and was totally hot (not sure if i mentioned that)Naomi is a great charcters, She had gone though so much heart ache and almost gave it all up. Although she is "saved" a few times she is not your typical damsel in distress, she is very strong and independent, but she is kind of a pain in the ass and very stubborn (read the book you will totally see why)Naomi and Lash have such great chemistry, very romantic, caring and intense. I must admit the book only had one sex scene I was kind of looking for more. I really liked them together but regardless it worked. There is a lot of secondary characters in the book which made the story complete. I pray the next book is about Jeremy, I loved Lash but there was something about his BFF that makes me want to know more. This is a GREAT read with a very unique story. The ending was fantastic a twist I wasn't expecting and was left as a To Be Continued. The end actually made me cry not because it was to be continued but because it tugs at your heart (but it could be because I know have to wait for the next book) ;)Mrs. Castillo did a great job creating an awesome story about Angels and Demons. I loved it. I read it in two days and I can not wait for the next book.Completely Recommend you wont be disappointed. Trust me :)