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Serenata: Through the Keyhole: 1

Serenata: Through the Keyhole - Sandra L Jacobs A Secret Land in a Keyhole, an ancient prophecy & a battle with the Shadow of Darkness made this book a fun and exciting adventure. Matthew is a 12 year old boy who is spending a couple weeks on his grandparents farm when he finds a keyhole to the Kingdom of Serenata in the barn and discovers that he is a part of an ancient prophecy to help lost Serenatarians find there way out of the darkness into the light and back home with their loved ones. This was such a fun story with a lot of adventure to keep any kid interested until the end. A great book for parents to read to their kids too. I do however believe this is not a book for adults to read alone but an awesome book for Middle Graders. Kids can connect with the main character and the other characters are very lovable. Well does Matthew beat the darkness you ask? Well I can't tell you, you will just have to read the book :)Should you read it? If you are looking for a fun story to read to your kids or if you are looking for a good book for your middle graders then yes I would totally recommend this book. If you (as an adult) want to read this book I believe its better to read as a family than alone.