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Falling Into You

Falling Into You - Jasinda Wilder What I Thought?I have started and stopped this review all week. I start typing it and realize, "nope this just doesn't sound right" so I would start over. I'm not sure I can write a review that will do this book justice but I will try my best...This is by far one of those books that stick with you way after you read it. I finished it on March 24, I know that's not that long ago but I can't get Kyle, Nell and Colton out of my head. I'm sure people are tired of me telling them "OMG YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!!! BEST BOOK EVER!!!"So with a little bit of thought as to how to write this review, this is what I came up with :)My heart hurt for these characters I cried with them and felt their emotions. The story captured not only an amazing love story but all the emotions and feeling you get when you lose someone you love. There were times I wanted to hug the characters and parts were I wanted to smack them in the back of the head and say "get over it already" but I get it. I know what that guilt feels like when you lose someone who you care for whether its a friend or your first love. The burden you carry with you wishing you did something different, called them sooner, spent more time with them or said something to them that you never did. Taking for granted that they would always be there with you. You never expect to have them one day be gone and you realize you had so much to tell them. No matter how hard you try to get yourself to realize they know, there is no comfort from the guilt you carry. But at some point you have to just put it aside, it never goes away but it gets easier with time.The characters were amazing. I loved Nell as a close friend, I missed Kyle and I fell in love with Colton. I loved the idea of reading in Nell's POV and Colton's POV seen it done but never this well. This is now one of my Favorite books. Oh and let's not forget.....I'm a huge fan of sex in a book but HOLY CRAP!!!! I needed a cold shower after each sex scene. WOW....JUST WOW!!!! :)Do I recommend this book?Did this review do this book justice? Probably not. Jasinda Wilder did an amazing job writing this book I'm not sure my review can completely make you feel how she made me feel reading it. But should you read it? Without a doubt, 100%, Absolutely think you should get this book and sit down for one hell of an amazing emotional roller coaster of love, lose and hot sex ;). Michelle@ love2readalways.blogspot.com