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The Monstrumologist

The Monstrumologist - Rick Yancey Loved this book. Is now one of my favorite series. I loved the writing style. Being set in 1888 made it a lot more creepy, I'm not sure why that era is so spooky to me, but I loved it anyway. I'm not into writing reviews that explain the entire book ill just say at times it was a little wordy but it kept my attention until the end. The Main character Will Henry was VERY likeable and you really felt for him. Dr Pellinore was someone you wanted to hate but there was something about him that made you want to like him :) Rick Yancey really painted an amazing picture of what the late 1800's was like and the setting gave just enough creepiness to really set a spooky mood. It had some humor to it and some gore. It really is a fantastic book that I think isn't getting nearly enough attention......Well written, Rick Yancey, well written :)