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Showtime - Chloe Kayne I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review...I can honestly say I LOVED IT!!!! I'm not into writing reviews that give spoilers, I'll just tell you it felt like a long read but well worth it. It was never boring or slow. All the characters especially the main character Laila was very likable even the villian type characters were written very well. Chloe Kayne painted a beautiful picture of living life with a circus in the 1920's. I really loved the romance part of the story it wasn't shoved down your throat like most books there was just enough to make you fall in love with Dex and wanted him and Laila get together. It really set up the next book nicely since i felt this book was an intro to the circus and the people living in it. There was only one thing i can say "bothered" me, the relationship between Laila and her Mom was a little confusing but that pretty much was it with that being said I really would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a very good read!!! Enjoy!!!!